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Personal Trainer Steve was helping out Victoria, teaching her some new stretches. Victoria was really hot, and Steve had a huge crush on her. Jessie, and Fracine entered the gym and noticed how muscular bound Steve was and they were instantly turned on. They all exclaimed at how hot he was, and asked him if he would take off his shirt for them.

These girls were having too much fun and couldn't help themselves. Getting hornier, they raised the stakes and continued to "stimulate" Steve. Sitting on his face, the girls began to fool around with his dick as well. The girls took turns face sitting on him while playing and teasing his balls.

Steve was not only being played with, these he was being totally teased and humiliated. These girls were super-hot, and he really liked their attention. As soon as Steve was about to blow his load, the girls decided it was time to give him a nice hardcore blowjob!

"Personal Trainer Teased"
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Mike was taking classes at his local college and he recently found out he failed his final exam. Rather than having to take summer class he decided to break into the classroom and steal the exam.

While breaking into the room, his teacher caught him and decided to teach him a lesson. She gave him the option of being expelled from school, or being taught a painful lesson. Reluctantly he agreed to a very deep anal punishment!

"Cheating Student Humiliated "
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Caleb's girlfriend found out he was a lying cheater and decided to bring him into court. After pleading not guilty and begging the Judge to let him go, the jury decided the he deserved sexual torture as punishment.

The girls began by removing his pants and him to wear ladies clothing to humiliate him. Then they started jerking him off and giving him strip teases. Caleb thought he was about to have some hot sex, but after a while his dick kept getting teased rather than pleased. Becca, Heather, and Casey all take turns rubbing his cock but never letting him blow his load. After an hour of torture Caleb had the worst blue balls he's had in his entire life!

"Punished & Humiliated"
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George was hitting on his girlfriend Betsy's friends and it didn't take long to get back to her. When she heard that he's a lying cheat, Betsy wanted to kick him out on the street, but her friend Vanessa had a kinky idea.

She brought over her dildos and when George came home she gave him a strip tease. He thought he was going to fuck them both, but he soon realized those dildos were meant for his ass! Watch as these two horny girls take turns humiliating him and torturing him with a very thick strapon dildo!

"Boyfriend Punished"
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Vicky's ex-boyfriend Dave had been arrested for stealing from her and Vicky knew this was her chance to finally get back at him. He called her from jail begging her to bail him out, but decided she first wanted to get some revenge from him being such an asshole.

Vicky was good friends with the prison guard on duty, and figured she could make the most out of it. She went down to the jail with the bail money and told him she would bail him out only if he agreed to be punished by her. Not wanting to spend the weekend in lock up he reluctantly agreed. The guard unlocked him from the cell and told him he needed to cooperate or she would lock him back up

Vicky pulled out a strapon dildo and Dave's mouth dropped. He knew he was about to get the punishment of the lifetime! Watch as the prison guard and Vicky punish Dave with a hard spanking followed by an extremely hard strapon fucking!

"Guy In Jail Gets Painful Anal Punishment"
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Lee took a job at a local diner to try to make some extra cash for school. He had a bad day and was giving his customers some attitude. It turns out that one of the customers was the owners daughter and she was not going to take any shit from him. She told him she was going to tell her father unless he apologized. Reluctantly he agreed, but the girls didn't like his attitude. The girls then had a better idea to teach him a lesson.

Not wanting to lose his job, he agreed to do as they said. They told him to strip off his clothing and lie nude on the ground. After giving him a very humiliating face sitting the took turns playing with his cock. They humiliated him making fun of his penis, but decided to go a little further with their torture. They started stroking his cock but quickly saw how much he was enjoying. Finally when he was about to cum, the girls stopped completely ruining his orgasm and laughed at him as the semen slowly dripped out of his aching cock!

"Bad Waiter Gets Punished"
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Eric is the boss at his office, and loves to put his hands all over his employees. His secretary wore a tight shirt, and he blatantly felt her breasts without her permission. She called the other secretary and concocted a plan of revenge. They called Eric into the office and told him they were pissed off, and if he didn't follow their orders they would sue him for sexual harassment. He couldn't afford to lose his job so he reluctantly agreed to their orders. He was to such a purple strap on dildo, then bent over and humiliated by being fucked in the ass!
"Punished By The Boss"
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Kristen has been complaining to her boss that their co-worker James was sexually harassing her. The boss decided to install a hidden camera to watch her so they could catch him in action. Sure enough the next day they caught him massaging Kristen, and even feeling up her breasts while she tried to push him away. The bosses walked in and decided they needed to teach him a lesson. Not wanting to lose his job, he agreed to listen to what they said. They made him strip off his clothing and stand in front of the 3 girls naked.

He was completely embarrassed, but knew it was only going to get worse. Next they told him to lay on the desk. As he was laying on the table the girls took turns sitting on his face rubbing their ass all over him. They then had him stand up and decided to give him what he wanted! They started playing with his cock, and even took turns sucking it. Right when he was about to have the most powerful orgasm they stopped. He couldn't believe they would ruin it like that for him. Watch as his powerful orgasm turns into a slight ruined cum dribble!

"Sexual Harassment Revenge"
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